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From: Bryan Hee

Dear Professional Marketer,

How would you like to own 121 fully monetized blogs producing profits on auto-pilot?

Blogs are far more powerful than websites for ranking higher on the search engines!

Everything is handled from within the blog admin area so you can add new pages and categories very easily - there's no need for any separate software or html design skills.

52 Premium Niche Blogs

Just Take a Look at Everything You Will
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PLR Niche Blog Pack

Niche PLR Blogs For Sale

Niche PLR WordPress Blogs For Sale Niche Wordpress Blogs With Content

Niche PLR WordPress Blogs For Sale

Niche PLR WordPress Blogs For Sale





Niche PLR WordPress Blogs

niche plr blogs

Niche PLR WordPress Blogs themesNiche PLR WordPress Blogs themes with content

Each Blog Comes Preloaded With:

20 PLR Articles - these are high quality articles and have never been published prior to this amazing offer

Its own logo - you will also receive PSD files for easy editing and a great video tutorial that will guide you through all the steps

Its own design - every blog uses eye catching graphics, perfect placement of ads and functional readable content to make sure that every blog is easy on the readers eyes

Video page - the latest and most relevant videos from YouTube that are related to the website niche have also been added to keep your visitors educated and entertained

SEO - Every blog is search engine friendly including the proper use of tags to permalinks

Wordpress - Each blog is using the latest version of Wordpress - the Internets premier blogging platform

These Niche Blogs Have Been Optimized
to the Highest Level for:

Adsense - the color blended 300x250 Adsense block has been strategically integrated into the sidebar as well as 468x60 blocks in the individual posts. This placement will ensure a maximum click-through rate and give you a great stream of passive income

Clickbank - the highest converting Clickbank products have been hand picked and added to each blog - you will receive up to 75% commission for each sale generated from your blog

Amazon - thousands of people make killer incomes from Amazons aStore script and you should be too! Using an easily manageable tool a fully functioning Amazon affiliate store has been integrated into each of the blogs

33 Complimentary Html Review site -Ready to use

baby carechristmasdating

dog trainingforexgolf

real estateweddingweight loss

The review site is ready to go, simply plug in your affiliate ID, upload and it's ready to crank out some money.

Review Site Features:

* Ready to go out-of-the-box review website. Edit one file, Upload, your live.

* Built in related Clickbank Ads and Reviews

* 1 minute or less, edit for affiliate links

* Layout matches blog colors and graphics

* PSD image files included so you can brand it as you want

* Preloaded with five PLR articles related to that particular niche market. Simple to edit in case you need to make changes.

Available Niches:
1. Acne 18. Online Surveys
2. Asthma 19. Online Traffic
3. Baby Care 20. Party
4. Body Building 21. Pay Per Click (PPC)
5. Cat Training 22. Real Estate
6. Christmas 23. Recycling
7. CPA 24. Reverse Phone
8. Dating 25. Search Engine (SEO)
9. Debt & Credit 26. Tattoo
10. Dog Training 27. Television (TV)
11. Easter 28. Twitter
12. Fishing 29. Video Games
13. Forex 30. Wedding
14. Golf 31. Weight Loss
15. Internet Business 32. Wind and Solar
16. Guitar 33. Yoga
17. Metal Help  


High Quality, Premium Niche Blog Package!

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All New Theme! - Easier Install! - Easy Monetization! - Over Shoulder Videos!

How would you like to own all 44 of our TOP SELLING Niche Blogs, fully monetized producing profits on auto-pilot? How about if we give you a matching PLR Ebooks* too?

Blogs are far more powerful than websites for ranking higher on the search engines!

Everything is handled from within the blog admin areas so you can add new pages and categories very easily - there's no need for any separate software or html design skills. The affiliate ads, affiliate URLs and other customizable content is ALL handled from option pages in the Admin Areas!

44 premium niche blog package

44 premium niche blog package

SUPER EASY INSTALL AND SETUP With This Illustrated User's Manual!

niche plr blog installation

This illustrated manual takes you through the QUICK install process from start to finish! Installation is literally done in 3 STEPS! Upload 1 Folder, Drop & Replace 1 Database and then change 3 Settings! There is no need to change or replace your configuration files and all functions associated with affiliate IDs and ads are ALL handled from option pages in the Blog Admin area!

Also Included Are Matching PLR Ebooks That You Can Resell To End Users Or Use To Build Your Lists!

This Blog Package Comes With:

  • Premium Theme - Custom Designed, Premium WordPress theme (this alone would cost $70 without the customization!)
  • PLR Articles - 100% unique articles (written specifically for this package)
  • New Design - 100% unique design / color scheme
  • Royalty Free Images - High quality, professional stock images (featured articles)
  • PLR Ebook - Integrated PLR Ebook package (formatted + rebranded design)
  • Ebook Sales Page - Integrated sales page (integrated into blog page)
  • Custom Order Button - Custom ebook order button design
  • SEO - Pre-installed SEO Plugins including Site Map
  • Easy Layout - User friendly site layout
  • Source Files - All PSDs for site graphics, ebook, ads, etc.

Multiple Revenue Streams!

  • Sale Of Ebook - Sell Ebook and keep 100% of every sale
  • Ebay or Amazon Store - Integrated eBay or Amazon store (easily managed from the admin panel)
  • Adsense - Integrated Adsense (easily managed from the admin panel)
  • Affiliate Ads - Customized Affiliate ads (easily managed from the admin panel)
  • Custom Blocks - Add any custom content (easily managed from the admin panel)

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website flipping-flippa

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You’ll be given access to an inventory of high quality private label blog packages. “That means easy money… Especially with the all new extended PLR resellers license that is included with your purchase!”

Your PLR Style purchase includes an extended PLR reseller license, which means that you can not only build up your niche business with these market-ready packages, but you also have the option of selling these packages to your own customers for quick and easy profits so that you can make even more money from them (just like I was doing with them…. for thousands of dollars profit every month)!

Here’s some of the sales that one of my members has on Flippa

website flipping- flippa

Guaranteed Quality

The niche article content that is provided with each PLR Style blog package is researched and written from scratch from native-English writers. These articles are well written PLR articles that by themselves would cost you more than the monthly fee of this entire deal.

Professional Design

These packages are custom designed and built on a premium WordPress theme. Managing your blog is a breeze and you can do it all right from your WordPress admin (without digging into source code, etc.) . In addition to the hot designs, the packages also come with complete layered PSD files so that you can easily edit the header graphic, ecovers, ads, etc.

Extended PLR Licensing

One of the main objectives of this offer is to provide a way for you to make profit quickly and easily from my packages. So, not only do you get to use these packages for your own niche site arsenal, but now you can sell them to your own customers for quick and easy profits!

There are very few restrictions in my new extended PLR license that is included with this offer and I have made it so you can literally start making money with my content as soon as you download it.

Here’s just a few of the things you can do with these complete PLR blog packages:

* You can edit the packages however you wish, including content, products, graphics, text, colors, layers, titles, etc.
* You can sell these packages to your own customers for profit. (edited or unedited!)
* You can combine these packages to sell a “bundle” to your own customers. (mild restrictions apply)
* You can “flip” these packages on your own domains in marketplaces like
* You can use the articles separately, either for your own article marketing or to sell as individual article packs.
* You can use these packages for your own personal use on as many domains as you like.
* You can sell the products (ebooks, etc.) that accompany any of the packages for any price you wish.
* And lots more!


25 Health Niche Blog Sites PLR Package

Introduce - 25 Health Niche Blogs

Check Out What This Blog
Package Looks like Live!
View Live Demo Here

acne niche blog   attention deficit disorder   allergies   anti aging treatment
bedwetting   chiropracticcare   diebetes   eczema
gastricbypass   hairloss   heartburn   hemorrhoids
humangrowthhormone   irritable bowel syndrome   kidney stone   muscle building
obsessive compulsive disorder   panic attacks   pregnancy   psoriasis
schizophrenia   skin care   sleep apnea   teeth whitening
yeast infection            

Everything You Need To Start Making Money In The “Health” Niche in one big package (around 481 MB download – 1 GB extracted)!

Blogs are more powerful than websites for ranking higher on the search engines! Everything is handled from within the Blog admin area, so you can add new pages & categories very simply - no need any separate software or html design skills.

1. Acne 14. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
2. Allergies 15. Kidney Stone
3. Anti Aging Treatment 16. Muscle Building
4. Attention Deficit Disorder 17. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
5. Bedwetting 18. Panic Attacks
6. Chiropractic Care 19. Pregnancy
7. Diabetes 20. Psoriasis
8. Eczema 21. Schizophrenia
9. Gastric Bypass 22. Skin Care
10. Hair Loss 23. Sleep Apnea
11. Heartburn 24. Teeth Whitening
12. Hemorrhoids 25. Yeast Infection
13. Human Growth Hormone  

As you know, sellers are making thousands of dollars selling PLR turnkey site at Flippa. You can do and earn the same too!

PLR turnkey site

PLR turnkey site at Flippa

Would you like to know the secrets? Build 25-40 blog networks within short of time and listed at Flippa, sound awesome, isn't it?

It is possible for you too to make a huge fast cash money!!! Only by changing some colours, header designs, generate few unique posts, then you can sell it hundreds of times using the same template at Flippa! Rinse and Repeat. Make 4-5 Figure Passive Income MONTHLY on Flippa!

This is the real secret GURUs and Top Seller are hiding this techniques to you. Making Money with Flippa is really rather easy IF you know what you are doing!

Let's do some calculations on how much the profit you could possibly make:

Price = $2,400
Domain cost = $400 (-)
Listing fee = $19 (-)
Successful fee = $120 (-)
Paypal fee = $93.90 (-)
Net PROFIT = $1,767.10 !!!

Here is the reason why you should enter health niche market. It is a desperate niche and the most popular sites being sold at Flippa. See it yourself!

website for sale

To be honest with you, these are some examples of my earnings from selling PLR turnkey sites at Flippa using the same template. Absolutely you can make the same money too. Do whatever you want with the template design and choose any niche that suites you, make it unique and you are ready to go to earn hundreds of dollars at Flippa.

PLR turnkey sites at Flippa

So let's take a look what are included
with this complete package
  • Niche - I decided to build sites around the "Health" niche because no doubt it is one of the hottest markets around!
  • Design - (worth $100) All design works are unique and professionally designed by professionals. I have ensure that the designs are eye-catchy and effective in building up income of the sites... in fact the blog customization itself costs $150.
  • Store - There is a section with books related to the particular Health niche. You can add more books with few clicks
  • Custom Header - You will receive PSD files for easy editing.
  • Wordpress - These blogs are running on the internet's premier blogging platform.
  • Ebook Cover - You will receive PSD files and an ecoverscript for easy photoshop editing.
acne-ecover adhd-ecover allergies antiagingtreatment-ecover bedwetting-ecover
chiropracticcare-ecover diabetes-ecover eczema-ecover gastricbypass-ecover hairloss-ecover
heartburn-ecover hemorrhoids-ecover hgh-ecover ibs-ecover kidneystone-ecover
musclebuilding-ecover ocd-ecover panicattacks-ecover pregnancy-ecover psoriasis-ecover
schizophrenia-ecover skincare-ecover sleepapnea-ecover teethwhitening-ecover yeastinfection-ecover

This Package Is A Money Making Machine...

In this package you will received ready to go files that you upload to your webhost and update your mysql database and your ready. You will also received a full instructions on how to setup everything. Here is the list of tutorials you will get:

instructions on how to setup everything
So let’s take a look what are included with this complete package…

* 25 Niche Blogs around the “Health” niche

tom Design – (worth $100) All design works are unique
* Store – a section with books related to the Health niche
* Custom Headers – You will receive PSD files for easy editing
* 25 WordPress Blogs
* 25 Ebook Cover – You will receive PSD files and an ecoverscript

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limited time offer

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Bonus #1:

8 Premium Niche Blog Business Pack

(Worth $1,576)

8 premium niche blog

Includes Blogs & Sites For:

Blogging Income, Email Cash System, Get Your Ex Back, Organic Gardening, Social Profits, Online Money Plan, Affiliate Profits, & Traffic Supercharge.

Templates also include:

* Headers * Footers * Accents * Order Buttons * eCover Graphics! * 13 Affiliate Banners * CSS Stylings

AND PSD Files for all graphics so you can easily edit them to suit your needs!

Take A Look At EVERYTHING You’ll Receive!

#1 Niche Market: Organic Gardening

* Complete Ebook: Organic Gardening For Newbies – 52 pages
* Special Report: Organic Gardening Made Easy – 14 pages
* Bonus Keyword Swipe List

(Doc Files included for all content)

#2 Niche Market: Email Cash System

* Ebook #1: List Building Profit System – 37 pages
* Ebook #2: Email Marketing Strategies – 20 pages
* Bonus: Affiliate Swipe File

(Doc Files included for all content)

#3 Niche Market: Get Your Ex Back

* Report #1: Get Your Ex Back – 19 pages
* Report #2: Love Restored – 13 pages
* Report #3: Save Your Marriage – 14 pages
* Report #4: Getting The Girl – 12 pages

(Doc Files included for all content)

#4 Niche Market: Affiliate Profits

* Ebook #1: Affiliate Marketing For Newbies – 52 pages
* Ebook #2: Quick Start Guide To Affiliate Marketing – 48 pages
* Report #1: Affiliate Money Machine – 22 pages
Report #2 :Commission Hijack System – 16 pages

(Doc Files included for all content)

#5 Niche Market: Social Profits

* Ebook #1: Facebook Fan Gate Secrets – 25 pages
* Report #1: Twitter Marketing Revealed – 20 pages

(Doc Files included for all content)

#6 Niche Market: Online Money Plan

* Ebook #1: PLR Profit System – 30 pages
* Ebook #2: Online Business Startups – 65 pages
* Bonus: Article Package, Keywords & eCourse

(Doc Files included for all content)

#7 Niche Market: Blogging Income

* Ebook #1: Profitable Blogging System – 85 pages
* Ebook #2: Niche Blogging Powerhouse- 52 pages
* Report #1: Autoblogging Strategies – 12 pages
* Bonus: Affiliate Swipe File

(Doc Files included for all content)

#8 Niche Market: Traffic Supercharge

* Ebook #1: Traffic Overdrive – Complete Guide – 50 pages
* Report #1: Quick Traffic Strategies – 20 pages

(Doc Files included for all content)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get this Niche Pack in minutes.

Bonus #2:

[PLR] World of Warcraft Blog Pack -

6 Loaded PLR Blogs - Cash In On Popular Gaming Niche

(Worth $1,182)

World of Warcraft Blog Pack


Bonus #3:

"Instant Wordpress Themes"

(Worth $397)



Are you hunting for free Wordpress themes that don't increase your bottom-line profits in any way?

"Multiply Your Blog Traffic and Skyrocket Your Blog Income With These Custom-Built, Plug-in-Profits 30 'Instant' Niche Blog Wordpress Themes"

Finally, a system so easy that even a newbie can use to make more money from Google Adsense and Clickbank, without any extra effort whatsoever...

Super Adsense Wordpress Theme is amazingly different, and here's why:

Advanced SEO Titles

No need for plugins or insane theme hacking - our themes come with advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimized) titles that will get you better search engine rankings and tons of free traffic..

Flexible Navigation Menu

Link to a custom page, a specific category, another blog, or even to an affiliate site! Now you're not limited to only Wordpress pages!

Affiliate-Ready Profits

Simply enter your Affiliate ID and you can make money (up to $32 per sale) from affiliate commissions 24/7 when someone buys our other related products.

Adsense-Ready Profits

The Adsense-Ready features will instantly embed your Adsense ID on all pages in the most strategic locations, all 100% compliant with Adsense policies.


Just enter your ID and and start harness the power of by showing the faces of latest visitors on your site. Create a buzzing community of loyal subscribers and readers!

Get 30 Amazing Niche WordPress Blog Designs

You'll be getting not one, not ten, but THIRTY different designs in different niche markets. You can easily use these money-making themes yourself, and sell them to anyone with a blog in ANY niche market..

Beach / Holiday Theme
Business Theme 1
Business Theme 2
Car / Automobile Theme
Celebrity Theme
Cell Phones Theme
Cooking Theme
Dating Theme
Ebay / Auction Theme
Weight Loss Theme
iPhone Theme
Laptop Theme
Love Theme
Make Money Online Theme
Music / Band Theme 1
Music / Band Theme 2
Parties / Nightlife Theme
Nutrition Theme
Digital Photography Theme
Real Estate Theme
Shopping Theme
Sports Theme
Tech Theme
Travel Theme
Video Game Theme
Wedding Theme
World of Warcraft Theme
xBox 360 Theme
Yoga Theme
Fashion Theme


Bonus #4:

10 Product Review Affiliate Websites

(Worth $147)

Finally, you too can start making money like the top Clickbank Affiliates!

"Now, Get The Formula Used By Super Affiliates To Effortlessly Produce THOUSANDS Of Dollars Promoting Other People's Products With The Amazing Power Of Ready-Made Product Review Affiliate Websites..."

All The Hard Work Is Done For You...

Each professional affiliate review site contains:

  • Top 3 Clickbank Affiliate Products
    The Clickbank Marketplace has been researched for the best products - we've done the hard part for you.
  • Compelling Copywriting & Professionally Written Product Reviews
    No need for you to write anything. Powerful attention grabbing headlines and catchy copy will hook your prospects and force them to buy. We've hired expert writers to do it for you.
  • High Quality Graphics
    Makes you look professional so people will trust you and feel better about buying from you.
  • Privacy Policy page
    Another important factor these days for getting a higher search engine ranking. They also add a trust element for your site's visitors, which will help improve conversions.
  • Your Affiliate Links Littered Throughout The Page
    Your affiliate links are tactically positioned around the page to encourage more clicks from your visitors.

Here are 2 sample websites.



Bonus #5:

Grab 6 Hot New Wordpress Niche Review Themes

(Worth $582)

These Templates Will Help You Stuff Cash Into Your Pockets 24 Hours A Day On Autopilot Even While You Are Sleeping!

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Are You Ready To Join Their Ranks?

For a limited time only, you have a chance to pick up all of the sites below for one low price:

This Deal Contains The Following Wordpress Review Themes:

Theme #1

get your ex back

Theme #2 - 2 different colors

forex robots reviewed

Theme #3

best hosting reviews

Theme #4

make power at home reviews

Theme #5

best tattoo designs

Theme #6 - 2 different colors

best diet reviews
This package comes with detailed installation and setup instructions in pdf format.
Easy to use plugin was designed just for these Wordpress themes.

Note: These themes do not come with any content. You have to write your own reviews or outsource the content writing so there will be no risk of duplicate content.


Bonus #6:

47 Ready-Made Clickbank Websites

(Worth $1,739)

Attention Hungry Affiliate Marketers...

Skyrocket Your Income By Selling 47
Of The Hottest Clickbank Products Using
These Brand New Turnkey Websites!

Each Money-Making Site Is Fully Optimized For Adsense, ClickBank
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Here Are The Exact Sites You'll Receive...


Bonus #7:

51 Niche Asense Sites

(Worth $4,947)

google adsense secrets revealed

Google Adsense Secrets Revealed
"Now version 4, updated with the latest traffic generation methods and free/paid backlink services"

single parenting
Single Parenting - Adsense Site


potty training
Potty Training - Adsense Site


salad & dressing ideas
Salads&Dressings - Adsense Site

Prototyping - Adsense Site

Moving - Adsense Site


Aquarium - Adsense Site

Trading - Adsense Site


Chitosan - Adsense Site


Entrepreneur - Adsense Site

Tennis - Adsense Site

Rosacea - Adsense Site


Porcelain - Adsense Site


Travel - Adsense Site


urban wear
Urban Wear - Adsense Site


online jobs
Online Jobs - Adsense Site


Seizures - Adsense Site


Paternity - Adsense Site


Swimming - Adsense Site


Dubai - Adsense Site


Etiquette - Adsense Site


Halloween - Adsense Site


armed forces
Armed Forces - Adsense Site


wedding videography
Wedding Videography - Adsense Site


Violin - Adsense Site


Military - Adsense Site


Angels - Adsense Site


video editing
Video Editing - Adsense Site


new york vacation
New York Vacation - Adsense Site


quick and easy recipes
Quick and Easy Recipes - Adsense Site


health drinks
Health Drinks - Adsense Site

mountain biking
Mountain Biking - Adsense Site


Frisbee - Adsense Site


image consultant
Image Consultant - Adsense Site


car valeting & detailing
Car Valeting & Detailing- Adsense Site


hospitality career
Hospitality Career - Adsense Site


Blenders - Adsense Site


memory foam mattress
Memory Foam Matresses - Adsense Site


retirement gifts
Retirement Gifts - Adsense Site


medical career
Medical Career - Adsense Site


Archery - Adsense Site


Entrepreneur - Adsense Site


Equestrian - Adsense Site


dedicated servers
Dedicated Servers - Adsense Site


Physiotherapy - Adsense Site


hybrid cars
Hybrid Cars - Adsense Site


Locksmiths - Adsense Site

traveling nurse
Traveling Nurse - Adsense Site

Sunglasses - Adsense Site


greeting cards
Greeting Cards - Adsense Site


stomach exercises
Stomach Exercises - Adsense Site


Monograms - Adsense Site



Bonus #8:

Multi Profit Websites

(Worth $1,497)

Create A Website For ANY Niche In Minutes!

multi profit websites

Here are just a few examples of websites that have been created using Multi Profit Websites.

Please note that these websites all take only minutes to set up and with your Multi Profit Websites membership you get an unlimited usage license. So you can have as many websites as you like, all earning you an income stream, the more streams you make, the bigger the river of cash you will have flowing into your bank account!

auction advice network joint venture

earn at home

fat fighters uki solutions

aution marketing tips about adult dating

planet sms newsletter central credit cards

robotics and robots pub box

If You Want To Make Stacks of Money Online And quit Your Job, But Don’t Know Where To Start or Who To Turn To For Help, Then You Need To Sit Down For 10 Minutes And Read Every Word On This Page!

Here’s why….

Introducing The World’s Quickest and Simplest Point and Click Website Builder, Designed For People Who Want To Make Fast Cash Without Needing To Be A University Graduate With A Ph. D In Rocket Science…

Multi Profit Websites gives you the chance to earn up to 70% commission promoting products you don’t even own. You simply type in your name, fill in a few basic details, click your mouse button (to save what you just typed in) and your Multi Profit Website is ready to go… It’s as simple as that!

When you first upload the website to your web host (with the help of the in-depth online videos) you will see your personal control panel. The options are extensive and the amount of customization is virtually limitless.

You have the ability to:

  • add your own SEO (Search Engine Optimization),

  • choose your own passwords to login to the site,

  • Build your subscriber list list

  • Setup an EBay shop

  • Setup Amazon affiliate products

  • Setup Clickbank affiliate promotions

  • Setup Pay Dot Com affiliate promotions

  • Add your own content

  • add Google adsense

  • add RSS feeds

  • promote and sell your own products

Over 24 months planning, designing and creating, and over $100,000 in development has eventually given way to the ultimate in business website creation

Multi Profit Websites allows you to create your website around any niche you choose without the need for any complicated HTML code knowledge or in fact, any experience at all. We do not gear Multi Profit Websites around one or two programs, we gear Multi Profit Websites around YOU!

By using your unique Multi Profit Websites Control Panel. No matter what line of business you are in, or your website content, you can build and develop your website's around any chosen niche. You can even change your website as your business grows with the click of a button.

Versatility is The Key to Success

Not only does Multi Profit Websites provide you with a massive income potential, you can also use it as a full time business. For example, if you run a weddings website, a car sales website or even a news letter, your business information can be integrated to your website very simply with the use of our easy edit admin panel. With our content archive you can create over 50 niche content websites in no time at all.

With our multi user licence you can create as many niche content websites as you wish. Create only one site per week and in 12 months time you could have 52 niche content websites all earning you a small fortune.

admin settings
Admin Settings - edit and change your username and password to one unique only to you. This secures your admin panel to only you.
personal settings Personal Settings -insert your details which will be used for visitors to contact you via email on the contact form on your website. Just like your own helpdesk.

basic website settings Basic Website Settings - edit your website header, footer, copyright details, welcome text, index page content and lots more. This will make your website totally unique to you.

website seo settings Website S.E.O Settings - optimize your website by simply inserting your website key words to soar up the search engine rankings. You can also add your website tracking details in here too.

website theme settings Website Theme Settings - choose from over 40 different pre-installed themes to create your website, at the click of a button. You also have the option to use a custom theme of your own if you choose.

custom content settings Custom Content Settings - use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and our unique 'drag and drop' feature, if you wish display Custom Content in your website. Here you can insert your product graphics, business content, products, or anything else you wish to display, to make your website more unique.

adsense settings Adsense Settings - insert your AdSense code to display your Google AdSense paying ads. Each click will earn you revenue.

amazon settings Amazon Settings - insert your Amazon affiliate ads to create your own Amazon affiliate income stream.

clickbank settings Clickbank Settings - insert your Clickbank ID to activate the Multi Profit Websites unique key word optimized Clickbank Ads Rotator. A very simple way to generate a lot of cash.
We have also included your very own affiliated Clickbank marketplace search feature so anybody who searches for any Clickbank product in your site will automatically be affiliated to YOU!

ebay settings eBay Settings - Insert your eBay username and affiliate ID to show your shop items and auctions or any auctions you choose to show from any seller. This extremely powerful feature will enable you to earn an affiliate income from the massive eBay partner program.
There are many additional settings in this section that you can use to customize your eBay display.

eBay Category Settings - This is another very simple, yet very powerful tool in your admin panel arsenal. By simply typing in what you wish to target, it will automatically link, through your affiliate link to that product search on eBay, you can add as many eBay categories as you wish.

mailing settings Mailing List Settings - Inserting your autoresponder code will allow your visitors to Double Opt-in to your subscriber list, which will allow you to send them broadcast and predefined email responses. There is nothing more important than allowing your visitors to join your mailing list. With Multi Profit Websites, we make it real simple for you to do this.

rss settings RSS Feed Settings - We have built in your very own RSS feed reader into Multi Profit Websites. By simply selecting a category from a drop down box or even entering your own custom feed URL if you choose, you can show the very latest RSS feed content on your website for your chosen category. This is an awesome feature for showing brand new, up to the minute information on your site, keeping it fresh and informative.

adding new pages settings Adding New Pages Settings - We have made it very simple for you to add and edit new custom pages to your website with the click of a button. There is no limit to the amount of pages you can add.

affiliate website settings Affiliate Website Settings - All affiliates that we have supplied for you are free to join and are among the top rated and top paying affiliate websites in the world. You can choose to join as many or as little of these programs you wish, or simply add your own. Once again this will help your website become 100% unique to you and also gain additional revenue.

paydotcom settings PayDotcom Settings - With the PayDotcom setting you simply insert your PayDotcom username and select a category from the drop down menu, then select your required color from the drop down menu and you then have your very own PayDotcom widget that pulls in all the best ads from the PayDotcom marketplace, all based around your chosen category. Every click has the potential to make you big money.

resale right fortune settings Resale Right Fortune Settings - Simply add a keyword related to your niche and your Resale Rights Fortune affiliate ID and instantly get targeted resale rights products listed on your site, complete with images, all linking to your very own affiliate ID. This really is an awesome tool that we have integrated into your site that both you and your visitors will love!

Bonus #9:

 (Worth $470)


Automated Make Money Online List Building And
Affiliate Marketing Instant Profit System

Value: $47


Automated Weight Loss List Building And
Affiliate Marketing Instant Profit System

Value: $47


Automated Dating List Building And
Affiliate Marketing Instant Profit System

Value: $47


Automated Trading Stocks List Building And
Affiliate Marketing Instant Profit System

Value: $47

Automated Self Improvement List Building
And Affiliate Marketing Instant Profit System

Value: $47


Automated Quit Smoking List Building And
Affiliate Marketing Instant Profit System

Value: $47


Automated Anti Aging List Building And
Affiliate Marketing Instant Profit System

Value: $47


Automated Learning A Language List Building
And Affiliate Marketing Instant Profit System

Value: $47

Automated Internet Security List Building And
Affiliate Marketing Instant Profit System

Value: $47

Affiliate Marketing Instant Profit System
Value: $47

Video Squeeze Page Optimized For Maximum Conversions
One-Time Offer Thank You Page For Instant Profits
Compelling 7 Day E-mail Series Promoting Top Affiliate Offers
Categorized Keyword Lists For Laser Targeted Traffic
Compelling Niche Relevant Articles

Generate Affiliate Commissions While Building an Asset
Sell To Your Subscrbers Over and Over Again
Establish An Empire Of Reoccuring Revenue Streams
Maximize The ROI on Your Traffic Generation Efforts
Build a Six Figure Income Without Putting In The Grunt Work


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Bonus #11:

Wordpress Mastery Videos

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wordpress mastery videos

Bonus #12:

Easy WP 3.x Video Guides

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Attention!! Learn How To Create Web Sites Today Using The FREE WordPress Software!
Brain Dead Simple Video Guides Reveal
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3.x Websites In Minutes!

With Your Easy WP 3.x Video Guides

You Will Learn...

Easy WP 3x Bullet 2 image How To Install Your WordPress 3.x Website
Easy WP 3x Bullet 2 image How To Secure Your WordPress 3.x Website
Easy WP 3x Bullet 2 image How To Add Streaming Video To Your WordPress 3.x Website
Easy WP 3x Bullet 2 image How To Add Streaming Audio To Your WordPress 3.x Website
Easy WP 3x Bullet 2 image How You Can Customize The Look Of Your WordPress 3.x Website
Easy WP 3x Bullet 2 image
Which plugins are used by the Top Marketers as well as how to install & configure them for their maximum potential.
Easy WP 3x Bullet 2 image
How to maintain your WordPress 3.x web sites so they will operate hassle-free!
Easy WP 3x Bullet 2 image
How to optimize your WordPress 3.x sites – A Well Oiled Machine Runs Best!
Easy WP 3x Bullet 2 image
Many money making tips & techniques
Easy WP 3x Bullet 2 image
Several tricks that will have seasoned bloggers wondering “how did you do that!”
Easy WP 3x Bullet 2 image
And most importantly, various ways to promote & drive web traffic to your WordPress 3.x web site!


And Much More!

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Affiliate Blogging

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Sick and tired of watching by the sidelines as the Super Affiliates make all the money?

"Discover How You Too Can Make Auto-Pilot Commissions from Your Blog Using Top-Secret, Proven Affiliate Marketing Tactics!"

Super Affiliate Bloggers Focus On One Thing - Building Profitable Affiliate Blogs With WordPress.


With Affiliate Blogging Videos I will reveal the exact tactics and strategies used by millionaire affiliate bloggers to dominate niche markets and squeeze every last penny out of everyone with very little work.

With our simple yet powerful step-by-step video instructions, you'll discover:


Quick Start Guide to ClickBank

ClickBank is the world's largest digital products marketplace, where you can buy and promote anything from e-books to memberships and even website templates.

In this video we explain everything a beginner needs to understand about how ClickBank works.


How to Create and Use a ClickBank Hoplink

Want to promote ClickBank products and make up to 75% in commissions?

We reveal how easy it is to find profitable products to promote, then how to create your own unique "HopLink" and finally how to insert it into the content of your WordPress blog.


How to Use The ClickBank HopAd Builder

Did you know you can create automatically-updating ClickBank ads - known as "HopAds" - and put them on your website?

In this video we reveal the two different types of HopAds and how to set-up each. We also reveal how to put those ads into your WordPress blog.


Introduction to Commission Junction

Commission Junction or "CJ" is one of the oldest and largest affiliate networks - selling everything from physical products to financial products and Pay-Per-Lead offers.

This video reveals everything you really needs to know about making money from CJ as an affiliate.


Overview of Account and Merchant Offers

In this video, we reveal how your CJ account works and how to navigate your dashboard or affiliate home page in CJ.

We also reveal how merchant offers and incentive programs work, and how to determine profitable products to promote.


Finding and Joining Profitable Merchants

CJ has tens of thousands of merchants, but not all of the are equal.

In this video, we reveal how to sort through the clutter to find proven merchants with high commissions and converting websites to join


Creating Banner and Product Links

Once you've joined a merchant program in CJ, you need to get your affiliate banners, affiliate links and product ads.

This video shows you exactly how to do it, with your own tracking codes that will help you determine where your sales come from.


Using Smartzones to Manage Banners

If you're not using SmartZones in CJ, you're missing out on one of the best tools ever developed for affiliate marketers.

We'll explain how SmartZones work, and how to use them to rotate and track banners on your blog.


How to Cloak and Track Your Affiliate Links

Cloaking your affiliate links is one of the most important things you should do as an affiliate marketer.

In this video we reveal a software you can use to easily cloak your affiliate links, even if you have zero technical knowledge.


Getting Viral Traffic from FaceBook and Twitter

FaceBook and Twitter are huge sources of traffic, and you can easily tap into these networks to get free viral traffic.

In this video we reveal a special tool you can use to spread your affiliate links like wildfire on social media sites.


Automatically Convert Keywords to Affiliate Links in WordPress

Did you know that you can easily monetize any content page on your blog easily without having to edit them at all?

We reveal a secret way to automatically convert any keyword on your blog into affiliate links.


How to Manage Affiliate Banner Ads Using WordPress

If you're blogging for money, then you'll need to put banners on many different parts of your blog. Whether its affiliate banners or paid banners, we reveal how to manage and track them using an awesome plugin for WordPress.


Bonus #14:


 (Worth $97)

Affiliate Blogging Secrets

Affiliate Blogging Secrets is approx 3 hours 10 minute step-by-step video course on how I turn every affiliate campaign I am in into massive profits.


MODULE #1: Introduction to Affiliate Blogging Secrets
-- Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

No credibility, no list, no website, no traffic... no nothing!

This is how you get started. In the first Module I kick start with the premise of Affiliate Blogging Secrets and why this works virtually for anyone just starting out.

Even if you have some or a lot of experience already with online marketing, this will serve as a 'bonus' to what you already know.

The premise of Affiliate Blogging Secrets is that even without a list or website, you can still get started on building free blogs to drive traffic and start raking in commissions from affiliate products!

MODULE #2: Blog Building: Research and Choosing Topic
-- Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

The second Module sets the pace in uncovering profitable niches you can get into. Not all niches are equally profitable. And if you want to make more bang for the buck, you might as well be in a niche where you have the highest chance of making more money possible!

MODULE #3: Setting Up Your First Affiliate Wordpress Site
-- Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

Technically challenged? No problem! I show you step-by-step how to set up your first WordPress blog! It's like watching over my shoulder as I walk you every step of the way on how to get this seemingly daunting task done... the easy way, of course!

MODULE #4: Turning Your WordPress
Blog PRO

-- Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

This is not some wordpress blog you'd learn to set up from a 5-minute guide... I show you specifically how to set up in a way you can start making money from this blog of yours - and duplicate the model OVER AND OVER again!

MODULE #5: Finding Profitable Clickbank Affiliate Products
-- Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

How to uncover profitable niches you can get into and pick products to promote. Not all products are made equal, and if you can identify which products will sell well or not before will save you plenty of time and effort from investing wrongly.

MODULE #6: Finding CPA Offers
-- Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

Cost-Per-Action. The new wave of making money and a new income stream to add to your online empire of affiliate marketing! How to maximize dollar value for every lead you have and send to other merchant sites!

MODULE #7: Creating Follow-up Series to Capture Leads
-- Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

One-time sales are redundant, and any business that accept one-off sales are guaranteed to be out of business anytime soon. I show you how to maximize your sales count by developing an easy-but-sophisticated follow-up system, built into every blog you make!

MODULE #8: Invaluable Blog Post Creation Secrets
-- Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

One-time sales are redundant, and any business that accept one-off sales are guaranteed to be out of business anytime soon. I show you how to maximize your sales count by developing an easy-but-sophisticated follow-up system, built into every blog you make!

MODULE #9: The Free Bait Method
-- Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

How to build your list super quickly using "the free bait" method!

MODULE #10: Create A Viral 'Infection' With Resale Rights Reports
-- Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

Working on your own produces finite results. I show you yet another way to build your opt-in list using what I call a 'viral infection' utilizing nothing more than a few pages of content!


Bonus #15:

cPanel Tutorials

(Worth $97)

Sick and tired of being bogged down by web hosting tasks?

"Discover How to Use cPanel To Maximize Your Online Profits and Avoid Being Ripped Off By Dishonest Online Freelancers!"

Watch Over My Shoulder as I Reveal The Secrets of Using cPanel With 20 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials


With cPanel Tutorials I will reveal the exact tactics and strategies I personally use to manage, automate, and make more profits from my online business.

With our simple yet powerful step-by-step video instructions, you'll discover:


cPanel Web Hosting from HostGator

If you want to use cPanel, then make sure your web hosting is using cPanel in the first place!

In this video we show you how to get cPanel web hosting from one of the most popular web hosting providers around, HostGator.

hostcommando cpanel web hosting

cPanel Web Hosting from HostCommando

HostCommando is another great place to get cPanel web hosting.

This web hosting provider makes it easy for you to not only use cPanel, but install new WordPress blogs complete with SEO optimization and the latest plugins.

cpanel introduction

Introduction to Using cPanel

In this video, we give you a brief introduction to using cPanel.

We give you the grand tour, and help you identify some of the key features in any type of cPanel layout.

cpanel email accounts

Creating Email Accounts in cPanel

One of the most popular tasks in cPanel is creating your own email accounts.

In this video, we reveal how easy it is to get started by creating your first email account, and managing your email account settings.

cpanel web mail

Checking Your Webmail in cPanel

With cPane, you can easily check all the emails you receive and even send out new emails using the web mail service.

In this video, we show you how to get started using the Horde webmail service that comes pre-installed in cPanel.

cpanel spam assassin

Blocking Spam With Spam Assassin in cPanel

Nobody likes SPAM, but not everyone knows how to eliminate it using cPanel.

In this video, we reveal how to turn on the default Spam Assassin feature in cPanel and put a halt to annoying SPAM once and for all.

cpanel autoresponders

Creating Autoresponders in cPanel

Autoresponders are instant replies to received emails, and you can use it for many different purposes.

In this video we reveal how to create new autoresponders that are 100% customized to your visitors.

cpanel filemanager intro

Introduction to Using File Manager

File Manager is an awesome feature in cPanel that allows you to add, edit, rename and remove any file in your web hosting account.

In this video we reveal how you can save loads of time and avoid the technical aspects of managing your host using File manager

cpanel filemanager compress

Compressing and Extracting Files with File manager

File manager can be used to easily compress files and download them from your host, as well as to upload and extract any existing compressed file on your computer.

This video shows you how to do it easily, one step at a time.

cpanel file manager permissions

Editing File Permissions in File Manager

Sometimes you will need to edit a file's "permission" setting to get it to work properly with the rest of your script or software.

This video explains how file permissions work, and how to edit them using File manager

cpanel file manager upload

Uploading Files Using File Manager

No FTP or don't want to use it? No problem.

Using the default File manager, you can also upload files quickly and easily to any folder in your web hosting account.

This video shows you exactly how to do it.

cpanel ftp accounts

Creating FTP Accounts in cPanel

If your web hosting is managed by freelancers, staff members or other people, you'll want to create new FTP account for them.

This ensures that only you know the primary FTP login details, and you can easily remove the new FTP account whenever you want without effecting your primary FTP.

cpanel inde manager

Managing File Index in cPanel

This shocking video reveals exactly how easy it is for people to "sniff" the contents of your website.

By managing your file index, you can keep your content hidden from nosy visitors, as well as ensure the safety of your files and information.

cpanel mysql databases

Creating a MySQL Database in cPanel

No matter what type of script you want to install, you'll be asked to create a MySQL database in cPanel first.

The good news is that our video shows you the easiest, fastest way to create a fully functional MySQL database.

cpanel password protect directories

Creating Password Protected Directories in cPanel

Creating a members-only section of your website, or just want to make content available to people in your organization?

In this video we reveal how to create password protected directories, and specify who can access the protected content.

cpanel redirects

Cloaking and Redirect Links in cPanel

Are you an affiliate marketer who wants to cloak their affiliate links?

Using cPanel's redirect feature, you can do this easily without expensive software or much technical skills.

You can cloak and redirect an unlimited number of links!

cpanel subdomains

Creating Sub-Domains in cPanel

Sub-domains are a great way to divide your primary website into many different components.

For example, you may want your blog or forum to have it's own sub-domain, and Google will treat it as a completely different domain name.

Our video shows you how to create sub-domains using cPanel.

cpanel addon domains

Creating Addon Domains in cPanel

In cPanel, you can add new domain names to your main hosting account instead of paying for new hosting every time!

In this video, we show you how to add new domains, and how to manage them, using the "Addon Domains" feature in cPanel.

cpanel backup

Creating Backups in cPanel

How would you feel if you got up one morning only to realize that all your hard work for the past year has vanished into thin smoke?

Most people never backup their work, and they eventually pay the price.

In this video, we reveal how to create complete backups using cPanel.

wordpress cpanel

Installing WordPress with cPanel

WordPress is a growing, popular software that you can use not only to create a blog, but any kind of website you want.

In this video, we reveal how to install WordPress with Fantastico.



Bonus #16:

The Niche Blog Profits Course

(Worth $47)

Here's what The Niche Blog Profits Course will show you:

How to build niche blogs and make money from them

How to choose the right subject for you

How to do deadly effective keyoword research (no fluff no watse)

How to get indexed in Google FAST

Where to get traffic (this is VITAL and so many so called blogging course just leave it out)

The various methods of monetizing your blogs

Where to sell your niche blogs once they're 'ripe' for three four and five figure sums on a regular basis

How to decide which blogs to keep for your passive income and which to flip when you need a lump sum


exclusive bonuses

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Bonus #17:

Top 100 Wordpress Plugins!

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red hot money maker & earn from 30+ different sources
Top 100 Wordpress Plugins!

Top 100 Wordpress Plugins!

This 30-page ebook contains a compilation of 100 of the top Wordpress plugins in 13 different categories.

And they are:

Contact/Email Plugin
List Building
Search Engine Optimization
Video Player
RSS Feed/ Content Generating
Social Sharing

Here's a sample of the eBook:


sample of the eBook
If You Act Fast, You Can Lay Your Hands On The
Following Fast-Action Bonus!

Bonus #1: Squeeze Page for you to collect leads ($27 Value!)

If you like, you can send your visitors to a squeeze page and collect leads which you could market to in the future.

We'll throw in a ready made squeeze page so you can plug in and use immediately.


Bonus #2: E-cover graphic with PSD ($27 Value!)

You are free to make any changes you like to this ecover graphic!

Bonus #3: Affiliate Programs List ($27 Value!)

We're also throwing a PDF file containing the links to the sales page and affiliate sign up page for ALL the services being promoted.

So you can just refer to this PDF file to sign up for the various affiliate programs and get started with promoting these products with NO HASSLE!

With this, you can profit from these affiliate programs INSTANTLY!

Bonus #4: Keywords List ($27 Value!)

I'll also throw in the keyword lists which reveals a list of related keywords to Wordpress and Wordpress plugins.

So you'll know which are the keywords you can get ranked for on the search engines and how many monthly searches each keyword gets.

Bonus #18:

WP Robot

(Worth $197)

WP Robot 4.0 version

WP Robot is one of the best Autoblog Solution that provide us lots of features with nearly UNLIMITED possibilities.

By using WP Robot we can do autopost but it doesn't look like automatic content .. will looks natural to search engine and visitors.

If you want make money through Autoblogging ... WP Robot is a must HAVE tools.

Until now, WP Robot has released WP Robot 4.0 version that split up in several modules (22 modules)

  • Article Module

  • Amazon Module

  • Clickbank Module

  • eBay Module

  • Youtube Module

  • Yahoo Answers Module

  • Flickr Image Module

  • Translation Module

  • RSS Module

  • Yahoo News Module

  • Oodle Module

  • Commission Junction Module

  • Press Release Module

  • Shopzilla Module

  • Linkshare Module

  • Twitter Module

  • iTunes Module

  • Eventful Module

  • ShareASale Module

  • Avantlink Module

  • Yelp Module

  • PLR Module

Bonus #19:

Backup Buddy Wordpress Plugin

(Worth $47)

BackupBuddy is the only complete solution for WordPress backups. Backup, Restore, Migrate.


Bonus #20:

Ez Wp Rotator

(Worth $47)

"With 1 Click Of Your Mouse You Can Create, Track, Cloak, And Rotate An Unlimited Number Of Affiliate Links From Your Wordpress Dashboard!"

What Can You Do With It?

  • Easy to Install
  • Create Unlimited Link Rotations, Traffic Shares
  • Test and Track Multiple Links From One Central Location
  • Save More Money By Ditching Your Paid Link Tracking Memberships!
  • Keep Partners Happy By Sharing Traffic/Profits
  • Discover Which Of Your Sales Pages Convert The Best
  • Track A Click All The Way From First Click To Purchase
  • Figure Out Which Affiliate Program Is The Best Converting!
  • And Much More! I'm sure you could think of some...
  • Make More Money!...

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MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate

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If you're not making as much money blogging as you dreamed you would, here's the magic pill:


"Discover How To Automatically Convert Keywords on Your Blog Into Money-Making Affiliate Links in Mere Seconds - Autopilot Blogging Has Never Been Easier!"

REVEALED: New WordPress Plugin Gives You Lethal "Ninja Powers" To Explode Your Affiliate Marketing Income Almost Overnight..

    1. ninja affiliateEasy Affiliate Link Management - You can easily give each affiliate link an easy-to-remember name..
    2. Flexible Link Management - Accepts every affiliate link format out there, so you don't have to waste time with various affiliate marketing tools..
    3. Create Professional Redirect Links - Use professional looking redirect links that let your prospects know you're a pro marketer..
    4. Manage Links by Groups - Too many affiliate links? Ninja Affiliate allows you to easily create different groups to manage your links..
    5. Prevent "Affiliate Theft" - Cloak your affiliate links to prevent link theft and affiliate sabotage. No one will ever steal your hard-earned commissions again..
    6. Insert Affiliate Links Directly - Add your affiliate links directly for your Wordpress blog editor - you'll never have to hunt for links again..
    7. Transform Keywords to Links - Automatically turn keywords in your blog to affiliate links. You can set a limit too, so your posts don't look like a spam blog!
    8. Advanced Display Options - Ninja Affiliate allows you to display any text you want in your web browser's status bar..
    9. Use "No-Follow" Links - Control your link juice and escape punishment from Big Daddy Google with ninja precision. In fact, you can control your links any way you want to..

Bonus #22:

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Maxblogpress Subscribers Magnet Plugin

"Learn How To Not Only Double, But Triple And Even Quadruple The Number Of Subscribers To Your WordPress Blog - Without Getting Any Additional Traffic"

For any blogger who ever struggled with low subscription rates, there's a brand-new WordPress plugin proven to increase your sign-up rate by 3x times faster and easier than before.

Install it on your server and start using it immediately. Here’s WHY:

  • Because you can easily add the opt-in form anywhere in your wordpress blog, including the sidebar, footer, within the post itself and even in the comments

    It is like "hitting" your visitors multiple times with your newsletter/offer, and reminding them about it, in a friendly, non intrusive manner.

  • Because it works with AWeber, GetResponse, and all the other major autoresponders.


  • Because it will automatically fill the visitors' name/email in the opt-in form on your blog, saving them time and getting you more sign-ups!

Bonus #23:

CB Goliath Plugin

(Worth $97)

(For affiliate marketers who are sick and tired of watching the underground super affiliate mafia make all the dough - and who want a piece of the pie for themselves...)

graphical headline

wordpress logo

clickbank logo

CB Goliath. The ONLY
Clickbank affiliate minisite Wordpress plugin

CB Goliath finds the products and writes the blog posts for you. Then, it uses your affiliate link to point to each product.

Here's an example of what a post will look like:

post screenshot

Update: Version 3.0 Supports Site Screenshots

Bonus #24:

Wp No Escape

(Worth $47)

"Generate Non-Stop Traffic Using This Powerful New Plugin For Your Wordpress Blog...Get More Visitors, Subscribers, and Sales When You Use It!"

Take Advantage Of Your Exit Traffic With UNBLOCKABLE
Exit Technology That Converts Like Crazy!

Put An Exit Pop Up On Any/Every Page And/Or
Post On Your Blog With A Few Clicks...


  • The Ultimate Exit Pop Solution For WP Users
  • Target Pages Or Posts For Your Popups
  • Full Master Resale Rights

Bonus #25:

Automatic Bonus Delivery Plugin

(Worth $97)

Amazing Software To Boost Your Affiliate Commission Overnight!

Have you been wondering why only a handful of people are doing extremely well as Affiliate Marketers?

Have you noticed what these successful affiliate marketers have all in common when they promote a product?

The Answer:

"They BRIBE their subscribers and website visitors
to buy the product through their affiliate link!"

That's right!

Bonuses and rebates make their affiliate offers stand out of the crowd!

This simple trick works extremely well and it's responsible for generating millions of dollars in sales for many product launches in ALL kinds of niche markets!


Bonus #26:

Five Awesome Marketing Tools

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If you create your niche blog right now, I'll throw in a superb bonus that you can use to build a massive list of potential customers.

All you need to do is collect their names and email address by offering any of these powerful Internet marketing tools for free:

keyword warrior

Keyword Warrior - Handy Keyword Research Tool

A simple yet handy in-your-pocket keyword research tool.

Just enter your main keyword, and you get a massive list of related keywords you can use, as well and important Google, Yahoo and MSN data.

forum warrior

Forum Warrior - Forum Marketing Tool

Forum marketing is unimaginably tedious without the correct tools.

This software allows you to manage posting to multiple forums, which you can view using the built-in browser.

You can also save your username and passwords to switch between forums easily!

Affiliate Warrior - Link Cloaking Tool

Every affiliate marketer needs this nifty piece of software.

Just enter your affiliate link and page title, and Affiliate Warrior automatically generates "cloaked" affiliate links.

You can either generate basic cloaked links, or advanced cloaked links.

blog warrior

Blog Warrior - Blog Commenting Tool

Find great blogs you can comment on, and get instant "backlinks" to your website.

Just enter your keyword, and Blog Warrior automatically searches for related blogs.

Automatically displays the PageRank and Alexa rankings so you won't waste your time commenting on low-traffic blogs.

directory warrior

Directory Warrior - Directory Submission Tool

Who doesn't need more free links to their website or blog?

With Directory warrior, you can submit your website to 200 free web directories using the effective directory browser.

It also displays the PageRank and Alexa traffic details, so you can maximize your submissions.



Bonus #27:

Blog Carnival Submitter

(Worth $97)

"Channel Streams of Massive, Target Traffic
Through Blog Carnivals Into Your Blogs!"

Submit loads of articles for tons of traffic and backlinks using these 3 easy steps!

Step #1. Indicate the blog carnivals you want to post to

Step #2. Select the articles/blog posts that you wish to submit

Step #3. Press the "Submit Articles" button and voila! Your blog posts will be submitted to hundreds of blog carnivals with just a push of the mouse!

Blog Carnival Submitter is designed so simple that even the most new of newbies will be able to submit MULTIPLE posts to MULTIPLE blog carnivals at one go without breaking a sweat!

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